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Elevator Pitch

I'm a mobile developer with a published Flutter app that uses Firebase Authentication, Firestore, Firebase Cloud Functions, and Revenue Cat. Learn more about Trooberry here.

My experience with Flutter has been remarkable. The freedom it affords to build what you need to fit the particular challenges you face is frankly unparalleled. And building what I need is how I have come to publish two Flutter packages as a Verified Publisher and become one of the top 3% of users on StackOverflow for Flutter this year.

I've also built various native Android and iOS apps as an independent contractor for Sweetvine Systems, Inc. Though these are not currently published, combined, these apps used AWS, asynchronous trading in virtual currencies, cloud messaging, NFC Tag triggers, and libGDX.


I started as a mobile developer after graduating from the University of Washington, Bothell with the equivalent of a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science; their Graduate Certificate in Software Design & Development. Why not a regular Bachelor's degree? Because I already had one and most universities don't accommodate second Bachelor's degrees.

My previous degrees, a Bachelor's and a Master's, are in philosophy. I used these when I taught philosophy for about ten years. During that time, I taught and designed classes in logic, critical thinking, ethics, philosophy of religion, history of philosophy, and introduction to philosophy. I lectured in person and online. I graded, evaluated, analyzed, cataloged, and systematized every student measure you can imagine (plus many you probably can't). I organized group activities and assignments with clear objectives and methods and updated these based on trial and error.

I found ways to connect the arcane and abstract to our ordinary lives in lectures, assignments, classroom conversations, and student feedback. That connection between Formalized and Real is essential to learning and accomplishment because without application all supposed knowledge is at best theoretical; Castles in the sky our minds are all too happy to build from nothing. And as it turns out, this insight is also important for software engineering.

... and Now

Ultimately, I learned as much from my students as I hope they learned from me. But, in 2012, I decided it was time for my next chapter. So I went back to college to get a degree in computer science. I tried to soak up as much knowledge as possible at Edmonds Community College for my new career. Many C, C++, Java, and Linux classes later I transferred to the University of Washington, Bothell for an intensive program filled with other students who either already had degrees in other subjects (as I did) or were already well-established in the industry but didn't yet have a formal degree.

It's been an incredible experience that is nowhere near over. Currently, I am building apps, upgrading apps, and publishing open-source packages to Flutter's I'm also planning some Flutter articles and videos which I'll publish here (and elsewhere) to share some of what I've learned.

I expect this site to grow and change over time. I'll be adding content relevant to my career and anyone who shares my interests.

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