Banner promotional image for Trooberry app. Teal background with floating trooberries (fictional berries with a star on them) and the name Trooberry in the foreground


A productivity app on both the Play Store and the App Store. Built with Flutter, Firebase, and RevenueCat.

Cloud-stored, shared, real time, documents

Sync notes and checklists across iOS and Android devices. Collaborate with others in real time.

Rich Text Notes

Notes have text and paragraph formatting, links, image links


Beautifully responsive checklists automatically sort items as youu check them off, drag and drop reordering, check-all, uncheck all, and more.

Next level tag system

You assign each tag a color, that color is blended into the background of every note and checklist to which it is applied. Change text color to preserve readability for you against these backdrops.

Flutter Packages

collection_value_notifier Package

A version of the ValueNotifier class built for Lists, Sets, and Maps with handy extensions. Perfect for custom controllers.

iconic_button Package

Modular and selectable buttons, chips, and cards that focus on labeled icons, implicit animations, customizability linked into your .